No place I’d rather be


The Bluebells are out in force this year.

Three weeks since my last post and I’ve been racking up the miles. My total for the year is currently at 7295km and I’ve still got some big months to come. May and June will both be well in excess of 2500km with the events I’ve got planned, so I’m looking at around 13500km of training this year as preparation for Transcontinental, let’s hope it’s enough. I’m not the only one putting in the miles though, there’s some folks out there putting in even more work than me, (although I don’t think they all are holding down full-time jobs as well), so it promises to be a very competitive race.

I’ve also been enjoying the fact that spring is well and truly here. I can’t think of anywhere so beautiful as Surrey and the UK in Spring, it’s just bluebells, fields of rape seed and green tunnels of fresh leaves – amazeballs!


Fields of gold on the A25


Chalk Lane (no filters – it really is that green)

Club ride 1

Club run a couple of weeks ago, Matt was taking the pics (and laying down the hurt) and I was sticking to his wheel.


Club ride 3

This time feeling some of Matt’s hurt.

Club ride 4

Stopping to take pics – again.

This weekend I’m doing my first 400+ ride of the year, the Severn Across. I’ve done it before in just under 16hours – so I’ll be trying to match that again. It’s a lovely ride from Chalfont St Peter’s to Chepstow and back. Looks like it might be a bit cooler this weekend, but hopefully the wind is favourable, last time it was a block headwind all the way home from Chepstow, luckily I had my mate Matt with me for company that time.

I’ve also entered my first time trial since 2008 on the 11th May. It’s only 50miles, but I felt it was time to see if my left leg (the one I fractured) can manage the extra effort needed to ride faster. I’ll probably do a few more time trials if it does to prepare for the 24hr time trial in July. If I find it’s too sore or if I just can’t hold a half decent pace for a couple of hours I might decide not to do the 24hr, not worth running up an injury before the big one.

I also need to plan a couple of nights away wild camping, as I haven’t yet tried it and I have a feeling I won’t always be able to find a place to stay during the race. Just need to fit it in one weekend and go for it.

I have also bought a stack of maps not only to help me plan my route, but also as backups to the garmin in case everything should go pear shaped. Definitely want to know which village I should be trying to reach if the garmin(s) pack up. So far the maps have been unfolded and then folded up again, it looks like quite a job planning a route, so probably something to do on a weekend after a long training ride – so maybe this Sunday.

Cheers for now and ride safely


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