Time to start getting serious


Over the last two weeks, I’ve managed two 300km audaxes on consecutive weekends.

Two weeks ago, it was the Dean 300, a lovely ride starting in Oxford, heading out through the forest of Dean, through Chepstow and then back to Oxford. It was an easy ride out to Chepstow with a nice tailwind. The forest of Dean was beautiful, everything just bursting with the signs of spring, just a pity it was too short. Whilst I was faffing in the carpark at the start of the event (I was running late as usual), I spotted a familiar looking bloke. It was Ed Pickup, I recognised him from reading his blog. Ed is half my age (at least), but has already done some great rides. Last year he was 4th overall in the Transcontinental Race. He completed the Trans Am route when he was only 19! This year he’s taking part in the Trans Am race and possibly the Transcontinental again. We spent a good few hours chatting whilst we rode out to Chepstow and on to the Somerset Memorial, where we eventually split to go at our own pace. It was useful taking to someone with the experience of riding and racing these long multi-day events, I’ll definitely be taking spare gear and brake cables with me on my ride! (Thanks Ed).

It was surprising to me to find out that this was Ed’s first ever Audax ride, he seemed to enjoy it and was doing a 400km the following weekend, all good training. Hopefully I’ll see him before he does the Trans Am – he mentioned he’ll be at the Bryan Chapman 600 in May (seems like everyone’s going to be there this year). You can follow Ed here, and read his account of his first Audax here.


You can check out my stats here.


Ed Pickup on his first Audax

Ed Pickup on his first Audax


The Somerset memorial – at the top of a nice little climb (obviously).

This weekend I did the 3Down. Starting from Chalfont St Peters, heading down through the New Forest before heading back to Chalfont – again, a lovely route. The weather though wasn’t so appealing. I thought it was going to be warmer and drier than it turned out to be. I was dressed in shorts, thin arm warmers and short gloves, not ideal when it decides to rain for the first 215kms (A rookie error). It was a case of just getting on with the ride and toughing it out. If I stopped I was just going to get colder. I kept a nice steady pace and arrived back in just over 12hours, not too bad considering how cold I was. Sorry there’s no pics, but the rainy landscapes weren’t that exciting, especially through the New Forest where it was just a big hazy cloud of mist.

Stats are here.

Lastly, but not least, a big shout out to my first donation received for African Vision, now I really do have to do this ride!

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